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Activist Holdings


E2open Parent Holding (ETWO)

Elliott Management disclosed that it is an active investor in the supply-chain software platform, with 27,250,000 shares. After a single sale of 1,750,000 E2open shares at a price of $4.90 each on Sept. 15, Elliott bought a total of 8,334,679 E2open shares on Oct. 11-12 at prices ranging from $2.20 to $2.52 each.

E2open said that it “encourages and maintains an open dialogue with all of our shareholders,” in response to Elliott’s filing.

Original Filings

Blue Apron Holdings (APRN)

Gamco Investors disclosed a fresh stake in the provider of meal-preparation kits of 327,612 shares, or 5.1% of the firm’s tradable stock. All of those Blue Apron shares were purchased from Sept. 29 through Oct. 4 at prices ranging from $12.76 to $12.84. Though Gamco gave no reason for its Blue Apron investment, it is probably making an arbitrage play.

Blue Apron Acquisition by Wonder Group

Blue Apron, a leading meal kit delivery company, has recently announced its agreement to be acquired by Wonder Group. The acquisition deal involves a cash payment of $13 per share, and it is expected to be completed by the end of the year, pending the tender of the majority of Blue Apron’s outstanding stock. Blue Apron’s board of directors has unanimously recommended that shareholders tender their shares.

Increases in Holdings

Concentrix (CNXC)

Impactive Capital, a provider of customer-experience solutions, has significantly increased its position in Concentrix. The company purchased 902,719 Concentrix shares between September 20 and October 13, at prices ranging from $72.28 to $80.91 per share. As a result, Impactive Capital now holds a total of 3,403,325 shares in Concentrix.

While Impactive Capital has not disclosed any specific plans or proposals related to this investment, it has indicated that it will continue engaging with Concentrix and other interested parties on various topics such as operations, board composition, strategic alternatives, and direction.

Cerevel Therapeutics (CERE)

Perceptive Advisors, a prominent investment firm, recently acquired 876,808 shares of Cerevel Therapeutics through a public offering at a price of $22.81 per share. Following this purchase, Perceptive Advisors now owns approximately 6.2% of Cerevel Therapeutics’ outstanding stock, equivalent to 10,965,193 shares. It is worth noting that Cerevel Therapeutics has experienced a decline of nearly 12% in its stock valuation this year.

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