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What to Expect in Retirement


Retirement is a major milestone in life, but many people are unsure of what it will really be like. Without a clear understanding, it can be difficult to plan for the future. However, there are ways to gain more insight into this crucial phase of life.

Finding the Right Investment Options

When it comes to investing your retirement assets, there are options that may outperform the S&P 500. Exploring alternative funds can help you make more informed decisions and potentially maximize your savings.

Opinions on Privatizing Social Security

As the GOP debate approaches, the topic of privatizing Social Security has gained attention. To get a sense of public opinion, polls were conducted on social media. The results shed light on what readers think about fixing this crucial program.

Protecting Your Benefits

While Social Security checks are guaranteed during a government shutdown, there are other immediate threats to consider. It’s important to stay informed about potential risks that could impact America’s benefits system.

The Rich and Their Investment Choices

It may surprise you to learn that the wealthy also invest in traditional options like CDs. Despite their financial status, they recognize the value of these investments and take advantage of their benefits.

Potential Link Between Hot Flashes and Alzheimer’s

A recent study has found that women who experience nighttime hot flashes may be at a higher risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease. This research highlights the importance of exploring potential connections between health issues and retirement planning.

The Importance of Medicare Mail

Keep an eye out for mail from Medicare, as failing to respond could lead to financial losses and inadequate healthcare coverage. Understanding the correspondence from Medicare is essential to maintaining proper healthcare during retirement.

Balancing Retirement Age for Future Generations

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley proposes raising the retirement age, but only for younger people. This idea aims to save Social Security and ensure its sustainability for future generations.

Valuable Lessons from a Centenarian

Learn from the wisdom of those who have lived long and fulfilling lives. Discover the insights of a man who lived to be 109 and find inspiration for your own retirement journey.

Shifting Trends in Retirement Destinations

Retirees are no longer flocking to the traditional Sunbelt retirement spots. Explore the changing landscape of retirement destinations and discover the new places that Baby Boomers are choosing to call home.

Long-Term Care Insurance at Work

If you’re considering long-term care insurance, one option is to sign up through your employer. Uncover the benefits and considerations of obtaining this type of insurance coverage through your workplace.

Recent Retirement News

Stay up-to-date with the latest retirement news and events. From failed retirement contributions to hosting watch parties for popular shows, there’s always something happening in the retirement world.

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Gen Z’s Growing Debt Threatens Retirement

Research and Insight

According to recent surveys, it has been found that a significant portion of Americans are neglecting their retirement savings. A Bankrate survey reveals that 22% of Americans have not made any contribution to their retirement funds in the past year. Additionally, a survey from ThinkAdvisor highlights the top four retirement investment concerns among Americans.

Another alarming statistic shows that two-thirds of employees are worried that their student loan repayments will hinder their retirement plans. This information, collected by Nationwide, sheds light on the growing anxiety surrounding the financial future of this generation.

The Impact of Financial Behavior

The Center for Retirement Research at Boston College has conducted a study on financial behavior that illuminates the cycle of work, saving, and retirement. This research aims to provide a deeper understanding of the decision-making process when it comes to retirement planning.

Insights for Your Network

To ensure the future stability of Social Security, it is vital for individuals to speak up, make their voices heard, and exercise their right to vote. This collective effort plays a crucial role in safeguarding this essential support system.

One retiree has found joy and fulfillment in traveling the world as a clown. Witnessing the joy on children’s faces brings immeasurable happiness.

An alarming trend has been observed in volunteerism among retirees, which is surprisingly low. This decline in community service negatively impacts society as a whole.

With a net worth nearing $1 million and a paid-off home, a retiree contemplates moving to another area but is uncertain about the high real estate prices. The question remains: Will they be financially stable in a new location?

Discover the best state for retirement and find out why it may be your ideal destination.

As it is early-decision time for colleges, parents are faced with the dilemma of allowing their children to take on significant financial risks for higher education. Is it worth it?

Maintaining strong bonds with grandchildren can be challenging, especially when living far apart. Learn effective strategies for building and preserving that special connection for a lifetime.

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