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U.K. Stock Market Update


The U.K. stock market experienced a slight drop on Wednesday, with the FTSE 100 Index closing down 0.02% at 7,525.99.

Top Decreases

Among the FTSE 100 constituents, there were several notable decreases in stock prices. Food retail company Ocado Group PLC saw the largest drop, with shares shedding 4.07%. Passenger airlines firm International Consolidated Airlines Group S.A. and major oil & natural gas company BP PLC also experienced declines, with shares shedding 2.87% and 2.79% respectively. Additionally, clothing retail company JD Sports Fashion PLC and precision products business Halma PLC rounded out the top five largest decrease in stock prices, with declines of 2.46% and 2.26% respectively.

Top Increases

On the other hand, there were some notable increases in stock prices as well. Full-line insurance company Aviva PLC saw the largest increase among the FTSE 100 constituents, with shares rising by 4.57% on Wednesday. Building materials/products firm Melrose Industries PLC and residential building construction company Persimmon PLC also experienced significant gains, with their stocks climbing by 4.57% and 4.01% respectively. Residential building construction companies Taylor Wimpey PLC and Berkeley Group Holdings PLC rounded out the top five largest increases, with their stocks rising by 2.48% and 2.47% respectively.

Currency and Commodity Update

The pound experienced a slight decrease of 0.05% against the dollar, trading at $1.2488, while it was up by 0.15% against the euro, trading at €1.1632. Brent crude climbed by 0.1% to $92.18. The yield on the 10-year gilt fell by 6.910 basis points to 4.345%.

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