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Toyota Unveils the Futuristic FT-Se Concept Car


In anticipation of the highly anticipated Japan Mobility Show, Toyota TM, +0.70% has been generating quite a buzz with its latest teasers. One particular standout is the sleek and low-slung electric sports coupe, reminiscent of the iconic Supra, proudly donning the GR logo that has come to represent Toyota’s sportiest vehicles.

Enter the FT-Se: A Concept Car Like No Other

The Toyota FT-Se Concept is a bold design study intended to showcase the future direction of automotive design. Although it is not currently slated for production, the concept presented by Toyota at this year’s show appears to be remarkably close to being production-ready. With its angular and vent-heavy design, the FT-Se shares many similarities with the current GR Supra, but with one significant difference—it is powered entirely by electricity.

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No Details? Let the Speculation Begin!

Toyota has kept tight-lipped about the specific mechanical details of the FT-Se. This has left enthusiasts and industry experts alike eagerly speculating. In the realm of electric vehicles, they typically come in either rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive configurations, as engineers have the flexibility to fit small electric motors onto one or both axles. In the case of the FT-Se, engineers have cleverly positioned the wheels at the extreme corners of the car, borrowing a page from exotic cars, giving it unparalleled stability during high-speed cornering.

The FT-Se Concept car from Toyota promises to be a truly remarkable masterpiece in automotive design. While the official specifications remain a mystery, one thing is for certain—the future looks electrifyingly bright for Toyota.

Toyota’s Electric Sports Car: The FT-Se

In previous teasers, Toyota revealed that their highly anticipated electric sports car would feature special knee pads to ensure the driver’s safety during high-G corners.

Through their luxury marque, Lexus, Toyota has been open about their plans to introduce a stick shift option for electric vehicles (EVs). While many enthusiasts would love to see this feature included, it might compromise the car’s speed and performance.

The Potential Reality

At this point, there is limited information available. Most of what Toyota has shared so far are photos rather than detailed specifications.

However, former CEO and current board chair, Akio Toyoda, has expressed his desire for a third sports car to join the GR86 and GR Supra. Since Toyoda is no longer directly involved in the company’s day-to-day operations, it remains uncertain if his envisioned “three brothers” will be a top priority for Toyota.

Nevertheless, the introduction of the FT-Se would give Toyota a prestigious electric vehicle that garners attention at a time when investors are urging the company to take more ambitious steps into the EV era. It wouldn’t be entirely surprising to see this car make an appearance in Toyota showrooms, albeit in limited quantities similar to the Supra.

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