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The Importance of the Jobs Report


Policymakers and economists rely on the monthly unemployment rate as a key indicator of the U.S. economy’s overall health. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics – through its Current Employment Situation survey, also known as the jobs report – provides more than just the unemployment rate. It offers valuable insights into the specific sectors responsible for job gains and losses.

A Comprehensive Data Collection

The jobs report gathers data from a wide range of sources, including 122,000 businesses and government agencies across approximately 666,000 worksites throughout the United States. This extensive collection allows for a detailed breakdown of the workforce by industry and other population segments.

Analyzing Industry Trends

The industry data provided in the jobs report is seasonally adjusted and illustrates the changes in employment compared to the previous month. While larger industries exhibit relatively stable employment patterns, smaller sectors may experience more significant fluctuations on a monthly basis.

Unlocking Interactive Insights

To explore the vast array of industry data offered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you can utilize our user-friendly interactive tool. This tool allows you to search for specific industries and sort the results by various metrics. Rest assured that this tool is regularly updated to provide you with the most current information available.

Dive Deeper into Economic Data

Alongside job industry statistics, we offer a range of interactive tables that break down economic data further. Two notable examples include inflation metrics: the consumer price index and personal consumption expenditures. These tables provide comprehensive insight into crucial economic indicators.

Remember, staying informed with accurate and up-to-date information is vital for making informed decisions in an ever-changing economy. Explore our interactive tools today to gain a deeper understanding of the trends that shape our workforce.

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