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The Federal Reserve’s Approach to Interest Rates


The Federal Reserve is advised to exercise caution before implementing any interest rate cuts, as there are potential risks that may impact the current inflation rate, according to San Francisco Fed President Mary Daly. During a speech at the National Association for Business Economics conference in Washington, D.C., Daly emphasized the importance of adopting a patient approach and remaining prepared to respond promptly as the economy continues to evolve.

Daly regarded the expectation of three rate cuts as a reasonable baseline for monetary policy prospects in the coming year. However, she urged the Federal Reserve to resist making haste decisions and instead focus on maintaining patience.

The stock market experienced a decline on Friday, with both the DJIA and SPX showing lower figures. Additionally, the yield on the 10-year Treasury note (BX:TMUBMUSD10Y) rose to 4.29% as a result of a producer-price index report, which showed stronger-than-expected numbers.

Daly asserted that the fluctuations witnessed in economic data this week are typical during turning points in the economy. Such unpredictability is to be expected during transitional periods.

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