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Speaker Pro Tempore Removes Nancy Pelosi’s Belongings from Her Office


The U.S. Capitol witnessed the swift action of Patrick McHenry, the speaker pro tempore, as he took charge and removed Nancy Pelosi’s belongings from her honorary “hideaway” office. Pelosi, who held the position of House speaker in two separate periods, was reportedly absent as she attended the funeral of Sen. Dianne Feinstein in San Francisco.

Unlisted Offices for Select Members

Roll Call noted that these hideaways are exclusive, unlisted offices conveniently located near the House and Senate chambers, designated for the use of specific members of Congress.

In response to McHenry’s actions, Pelosi issued a carefully worded statement, describing it as “a sharp departure from tradition.” Critics did not hold back their disapproval of this move, especially considering McHenry’s close alliance with the former speaker, Kevin McCarthy, who was ousted from his position.

It was reported that Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries’s staff assisted Pelosi’s team in vacating the honorary office near the House floor. It should be noted that Pelosi had promptly moved out of the official speaker’s office following the Democrats’ narrow loss of the House majority in November. McCarthy wasted no time in claiming that office, despite needing 15 votes and engaging in extensive intraparty negotiations to secure the speaker’s gavel.

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