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Slovakia’s Gross Debt Issuance in 2024


The debt agency Ardal announced on Monday that Slovakia’s gross debt issuance is projected to reach approximately 10 billion euros ($10.76 billion) in 2024.

Syndicated Bond Sales

Despite the number of transactions, the issuance through syndicated bond sales is expected to range between EUR4.5 billion and EUR5.5 billion.

Introduction of New Government Bond Lines

To diversify its range of government bonds, the debt agency plans to introduce two or three new bond lines in the coming year. One of these bonds will have a maturity period of four to seven years and an issue size of EUR3 billion. The other bond line will have a maturity period of 10 years and an issue size of EUR5 billion. The third bond line, if introduced, will be tailored based on market conditions.

Bond Auctions

As per its usual practice, Ardal intends to carry out nine government bond auctions with no auctions scheduled for the months of July, August, and December. Please refer to the auction schedule for more details.

Treasury Bill Lines

In 2024, the debt agency does not foresee issuing any new treasury bill lines.

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