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Schneider’s Texas Clean Energy Commitment



Schneider, headquartered in Paris, specializes in producing the electrical hardware and software necessary for powering data centers, commercial buildings, and residences. The company has recently made a significant move by committing to invest in a range of Texas-based clean energy projects. This initiative involves utilizing a Tax Credit Transfer Agreement for solar and battery storage systems that will be developed, built, and operated by ENGIE North America, a French utility with a strong focus on renewable power generation.

Financial Impact

Schneider anticipates a substantial impact from this venture. In 2023, the company reported sales totaling nearly $39 billion, with a steady growth rate of approximately 8% annually over the past three years. Analysts on Wall Street foresee an average annual growth rate of around 6% for the upcoming three years based on projections from FactSet.

Tax Credit Transferability

The Tax Credit Transfer Agreement includes a transferability clause that allows eligible federal tax credits from various clean energy projects to be transferred. This provision extends to renewable energy, clean energy manufacturing, and battery storage initiatives. By utilizing this feature, businesses can explore a viable alternative to traditional tax equity structures, where companies sell federal tax credits obtained from renewable energy projects.

Practical Example

For instance, consider a solar generation project with a $1 million cost that qualifies for $500,000 in tax credits. An investor could inject $400,000 in capital upfront to benefit from the $500,000 tax credit, effectively reducing their tax bill by the same amount. This arrangement would mean that the solar project only needs to secure financing for $600,000 out of the total $1 million project cost.

Through their commitment to clean energy projects in Texas and their innovative approach to utilizing tax credits, Schneider is positioning itself as a key player in the transition towards sustainable energy solutions.

Sales of Tax Credits Projected to Reach $80 Billion

Sales of those tax credits now amount to about $20 billion a year, according to Schneider CEO Peter Herweck. The Inflation Reduction Act’s transferability feature simplifies the sale process, making it more accessible to a wider range of investors. Herweck envisions the market size growing to $80 billion in the near future.

Simplified Credit Transfer Process

Traditional tax equity structures typically demand more sophisticated investors who comprehend the risks associated with renewable energy ventures. However, credit transfer offers a simpler alternative.

“The first benefit is significantly more capital available to support the expansion of renewables,” said Herweck. “It will accelerate the development of renewables within the country.”

Benefits of Purchasing Tax Credits

Herweck also highlights another advantage – purchasing these credits equates to acquiring renewably generated power. It’s akin to owning a portion of a wind farm, allowing companies to retain their credits to fulfill their decarbonization objectives.

Transformational Investment Opportunity

John Podesta, senior advisor to the president for international climate policy, applauds the transformative potential of investments facilitated by the transferability provision in the President’s Inflation Reduction Act.

If projections hold true and tax credit sales surge, it could significantly enhance capital inflows into the renewable energy sector, benefiting demand for products offered by Schneider.


Schneider’s U.S.-listed American depositary receipts experienced a slight decline in late trading on Tuesday. Nonetheless, they have demonstrated growth of about 33% over the past 12 months. The increasing demand for data centers, electric vehicles, and electricity generation presents promising prospects for the business.

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