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Roche Holding and PathAI Partner to Advance Precision Medicine


Roche Holding, a leading Swiss pharmaceutical company, has announced an exclusive agreement with PathAI to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in companion diagnostics. Companion diagnostics are essential in matching patients to specific drugs or therapies, facilitating precision medicine.

By collaborating with PathAI, Roche Tissue Diagnostics aims to enhance the development of AI-enabled companion diagnostics, making targeted treatments more accessible for patients. Companion diagnostics serve as medical devices that provide crucial information for the safe and effective use of drugs or biological products, as defined by the Food and Drug Administration.

Jill German, the head of Roche Tissue Diagnostics, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “This collaboration with PathAI will allow us to accelerate our ability to meet the demand from biopharma companies looking to develop AI-enabled companion diagnostics, and provide them with a powerful end-to-end solution in the pursuit of precision therapeutics.”

This collaboration builds upon Roche’s existing relationship with PathAI. The two companies had previously collaborated under a 2021 agreement to create an embedded image analysis workflow for pathologists. This workflow enabled access to PathAI’s image analysis algorithms within Roche’s software platform.

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