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Palantir Technologies: A Promising Journey


Palantir Technologies has sparked excitement among investors with its ambitious plans in the field of artificial intelligence. Despite a slight setback, the data-analytics software company has managed to maintain its momentum and keep investors intrigued.

Steady Growth despite Volatility

Initially, the company’s upgraded guidance seemed inadequate to sustain its impressive year-to-date rally. The stock experienced a dip of up to 10% in after-hours trading on Monday, only to rebound and recover those losses.

Palantir’s Rise

Premarket trading on Tuesday saw Palantir stock rise by 0.1% to reach $18.00. This year alone, the shares have witnessed a remarkable three-fold increase in value, captivating investors along the way.

Embracing Artificial Intelligence

For the optimists, Palantir is on the brink of a major breakthrough with the unveiling of its Artificial Intelligence Platform (AIP). During an earnings call, company executives revealed that since its launch ten weeks ago, AIP has garnered an “unprecedented” level of interest from customers.

Expanding Customer Base

Palantir has also revealed that its customer base has expanded by 38% during the second quarter compared to the previous year. This growth indicates the company’s strategic shift towards deriving a larger portion of revenue from commercial clients rather than relying solely on government contracts.

Amidst its ups and downs, Palantir Technologies continues to captivate investors with its innovative AI solutions and promising trajectory in the market.


Palantir’s Strong Position in AI

According to Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives, Palantir remains the undisputed leader in AI. Ives expresses confidence in the company’s ability to expand its presence in the commercial space while maintaining its overwhelming government influence. In light of this, he maintains an Outperform rating on Palantir’s stock, with a $25 price target.

Skepticism Surrounding Palantir’s Revenue Growth

However, some skeptics are not convinced by Palantir’s second-quarter revenue growth, which stood at 13% compared to the same period last year. They argue that such growth may not be particularly awe-inspiring for a company currently trading at 81 times its expected earnings for this year, as reported by FactSet.

Gil Luria from D.A. Davidson raises concerns that Palantir still needs to effectively leverage its high demand for AI into significant growth acceleration. Luria points out that Palantir only increased its full-year revenue guidance by $2 million. Furthermore, the company’s remaining performance obligations, a measure of contracted revenue yet to be recognized, declined by 20% from the previous year.

Despite these reservations, Luria raises his target price on Palantir’s stock from $8.50 to $15. However, he maintains a Neutral rating on the stock. His updated target price reflects an enterprise value-to-revenue multiple of around 13 times for the current year. This multiple aligns Palantir with other high-growth profitable peers.


Palantir’s performance in the AI industry brings both excitement and skepticism. While many analysts believe in the company’s dominance and potential for growth, others raise valid concerns regarding its current revenue trajectory. As the future unfolds, it remains to be seen whether Palantir can effectively translate its AI demand into substantial growth acceleration.

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