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NORAD Tracks Santa’s Journey


As children all over the globe excitedly anticipate Santa Claus’ arrival on Christmas, the military has taken on the task of closely monitoring his every move.

Equipped with state-of-the-art radar, advanced sensors, aircraft, and an abundance of Christmas spirit, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) in Colorado is diligently reporting on Santa’s sleigh as it embarks on its journey from the North Pole to various regions where Christmas arrives first. Once again, NORAD is sharing these fascinating details to allow kids to follow along with Santa.

While NORAD’s primary responsibility is to safeguard the airspace of the United States and Canada, it also embraces a festive side. In order to engage with the public, it has launched an engaging website called, along with social media platforms and a mobile app. These platforms are chock-full of captivating games, movies, books, and music, ensuring hours of entertainment for all.

As of late Christmas Eve in Thailand, which translates to late Sunday morning in the eastern U.S., the tracker reported that Santa had already departed Bangkok and continued his journey to Burma, Tibet, China, and Russia. Astonishingly, he has already distributed approximately 2 billion gifts throughout his travels.

It should be noted that NORAD’s findings have not been independently verified.

U.S. Air Force Col. Elizabeth Mathias, NORAD’s chief spokesperson, explained that the military is able to track Santa by utilizing “the same technology we use every single day to keep North America safe.” She further added, “We’re able to follow the light from Rudolph’s red nose.”

Be sure to visit for real-time updates on Santa’s current whereabouts and incredible adventures in spreading joy and holiday cheer across the globe.

NORAD Santa Tracker: The Magic of Christmas Eve

Mathias, an official from NORAD, has revealed that they have a comprehensive intelligence assessment of Santa’s sleigh capabilities. However, Santa himself remains unpredictable, as he does not file a flight plan. Rumors suggest that he may even be incorporating cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence into his Christmas journey this year.

“I’m very intrigued to see if Santa is using AI,” said Mathias. “This could potentially unveil advanced capabilities that we haven’t seen before.”

The heartwarming tradition of tracking Santa began in 1955 when Air Force Col. Harry Shoup received an accidental call from a child trying to reach Santa. Thinking on his feet, Shoup seized the opportunity to bring joy to the young caller and assumed the role of Santa. As more calls flooded in, Shoup assigned a duty officer to answer them all, establishing the cherished Santa-tracking tradition.

This year, NORAD expects around 1,100 volunteers to participate in answering calls from eager children. These dedicated individuals will operate from a festive operations center located at Peterson Space Force Base in Colorado Springs. From command staff to people scattered across the globe, this formidable team will work together to track Santa’s journey on Christmas Eve.

“For many, being a part of the NORAD operations center on December 24th is a dream come true,” shared Mathias. “There’s nothing quite like the festive atmosphere that fills the center.”

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