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Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Reports Quadrupled Net Profit



Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), a prominent Japanese financial company, has announced that its net profit for the first half of the fiscal year has quadrupled compared to the same period last year. The increase in net profit can be attributed to gains from trading, fees and commissions, as well as the absence of special losses incurred last year.

Impressive Financial Performance

MUFG revealed that its net profit reached ¥927.28 billion ($6.11 billion) for the six months ended September 30, a significant rise from ¥231.09 billion in the previous year. This figure surpassed the estimated net profit of ¥871.22 billion based on a poll conducted by data provider Visible Alpha. It is worth noting that losses stemming from the sale of U.S.-based Union Bank had a negative impact on the company’s financial performance during the same period last year.

Positive Outlook and Share Buyback Plan

Despite the impressive results, MUFG maintains its net-profit guidance of ¥1.300 trillion for the fiscal year ending March 2024. Moreover, the company has announced its intention to repurchase its own shares for up to ¥400.0 billion by the end of March 2024, indicating confidence in its future prospects.

Growth in Fees and Commissions and Trading Profits

MUFG experienced notable growth in net fees and commissions during the first half of the fiscal year, which rose by 11% compared to the previous year, amounting to ¥781.33 billion. Additionally, net trading profits more than doubled, increasing from ¥89.42 billion to ¥186.22 billion.

Reduction in Losses and Credit Costs

The company recorded a substantial decrease in net losses on debt securities, dropping from ¥497.18 billion to ¥49.80 billion compared to the previous year. Furthermore, total credit costs decreased to ¥181.23 billion from ¥243.83 billion in the prior year.

Net Interest Income Decline

Despite the overall positive performance, MUFG experienced a decline of 27% in net interest income. This decrease can be attributed, in part, to the absence of one-off gains resulting from the cancellation of certain investment trusts recorded last year. Net interest income amounted to ¥1.230 trillion for the first half of the fiscal year.


MUFG’s impressive first-half financial results, with quadrupled net profit and substantial growth in fees and commissions, demonstrate the company’s resilience and market success. By maintaining its net-profit guidance and implementing a share buyback plan, MUFG showcases its confidence in future growth and shareholder value.

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