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Meet Gene Hall: The Man Behind Gartner’s Success


Gene Hall is not a household name, but if you’re an investor, he’s someone you should know. Since taking over as CEO of Gartner in 2004, Hall has delivered stellar returns. Gartner’s shares have returned a whopping 2,857% during his tenure compared to 477% for the S&P 500 index.

Gartner, a business research firm, has made its name by providing in-depth company analysis, industry trends and forecasts – particularly in the tech space – and offering advisory services and industry conferences. These have contributed to the company’s organic growth with revenue reaching almost $5.5 billion last year – a growth rate of more than 15%. For those not in the know, it’s a great business and far ahead of its peers.

The man behind these triumphs is one Gene Hall. A former top executive at ADP and McKinsey consultant, Hall is a self-described high energy, analytical, intuitive, fun and organized person. In his early years, growing up in Dallas, he decided he wanted to go to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, study engineering and then go to Harvard Business School. He did just that.

In the few interviews he’s given over the years, Hall has painted himself as a man who gets the job done. Maynard Webb, a Silicon Valley executive who sat on the Gartner board that hired Hall, said of him: “Gene Hall is one of those really great leaders who are not audacious or bigger than life. He’s one of those quiet folks…”

The success of Gartner can’t be attributed solely to Gene Hall. But one thing is for sure: with him at the helm, Gartner shines brighter than ever.

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