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Learning Career Advice from Unconventional Sources


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Due to cheaper gas prices and a long weekend, this year’s Fourth of July celebrations are set to break travel records, says AAA.

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Despite previous promises of revolutionizing loans for those left out of the credit system, fintech lenders are instead heavily relying on credit scores to determine loan pricing, according to recent research.

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Learning Career Advice from Unconventional Sources

Have you ever thought about extracting career advice from people who took non-traditional paths to success? Yevgeny Prigozhin, a former caterer who turned coup leader, may sound like an unlikely source of professional wisdom, but a language model tried to generate career advice based on his life’s story, and here’s what it came up with.

Build Your Own Path

Yevgeny Prigozhin didn’t navigate the traditional career path. He started as a caterer, built a restaurant empire, then ventured into various business areas like social media and even international political interference. Despite his controversial background, his life teaches us that the traditional career trajectory isn’t the only way to thrive.

Embrace Challenges and Risks

One trait that helped Prigozhin succeed in his ventures was embracing challenges and taking calculated risks. Sticking to what’s safe and avoiding risks may lead to a comfortable, but unremarkable career. But taking risks can open doors for bigger opportunities and career growth.

Adapt to Change

Prigozhin is known for his ability to adapt to changing markets, needs, and trends. Being flexible and responsive to change can give you a competitive edge, especially in fast-paced industries. Keep an eye on changes in your field and be willing to evolve with them.

Advocate for Yourself

The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act is a step towards acknowledging the challenges that pregnant employees face at work and providing protections for them. But not all workers will have laws to defend them. It’s essential to advocate for yourself and voice out your needs in the workplace. Employers can’t accommodate what they don’t know, so speak up.

Inheritances and Taxes

Inheriting assets can be both a blessing and a burden. If you inherit property that has appreciated in value, you may have to pay capital-gains tax when you sell it. Seek professional advice to plan for taxes and consider all the options before making any decisions.


Career advice can come from unexpected sources. Look at non-traditional paths to success and extract lessons that might apply to your situation. Embrace challenges, adapt to change, and advocate for yourself. These traits can help you build a fulfilling career regardless of your background or industry.

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