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Investing News & Trends


This bargain-hunting fund manager is finding value in PayPal and other fintech stocks

ETFs that invest in uranium-related stocks have skyrocketed this year

The bullish case for U.S. stocks is getting weaker

Micron’s stock might be an excellent play for AI investors who want to diversify beyond Nvidia

BlackRock launches series of TIPS ETFs as Fed battles inflation

The U.S. Could Be in a Recession and We Just Don’t Know It Yet

Recent indications show that there could potentially be a recession in the U.S. However, it is not immediately apparent and requires further analysis to confirm.

Difference Between Two Consumer Sentiment Measures Indicate a Slowing U.S. Economy

An important factor to consider in determining the state of the U.S. economy is the difference between two consumer sentiment measures. This indicates a potential slowdown in economic growth.

Most Long-Term Investors Can Ignore the Federal Reserve’s Latest Move

When it comes to long-term investing, the actions of the Federal Reserve are not as crucial as other factors. What really determines financial success is portfolio asset allocation and the emotional discipline to stick with it.

Portfolio Asset Allocation – The Key to Financial Success

In order to achieve financial success, it is essential to focus on portfolio asset allocation. This entails carefully deciding how to distribute your investments across various assets. Furthermore, maintaining emotional discipline and staying committed to your chosen allocation strategy is crucial for long-term success.

Why a Wall Street Stock Downgrade Means More for Your Money Than an Upgrade

Contrary to popular belief, a downgrade of a stock by analysts on Wall Street can have a more significant impact on your investments than an upgrade. Currently, only 5.6% of Wall Street analyst ratings for S&P 500 companies are categorized as ‘sell’.

Marshfield Concentrated Opportunity Fund – A Unique Investment Opportunity

The Marshfield Concentrated Opportunity Fund stands out among its peers due to its unique operating approach. Investors looking for distinct investment opportunities should consider this fund as a potential option.

Has It Become Easier to Beat the Market?

In the first half of 2023, 57% of actively managed mutual funds and ETFs surpassed their respective benchmarks. This indicates that it is possible for investors to outperform the market with the right investment strategies.

Fed’s ‘Golden Handcuffs’: Homeowners Locked Into Low Mortgage Rates Don’t Want to Sell

The Federal Reserve’s efforts to fight inflation have significantly tightened the U.S. housing supply. Consequently, homeowners who have locked in low mortgage rates are reluctant to sell their properties. This adds to the challenges faced by potential homebuyers in the current market.

Buying This Annuity Guarantees That You’ll Lose Out on Big Money

It is important to carefully consider your investment options, as certain products may not provide optimal returns. In the case of qualified longevity annuity contracts, the returns may be even worse than those offered by standard life insurance. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate and compare different options before making investment decisions.

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