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Ignitis Group announces major offshore wind project in Lithuania


Ignitis Group is excited to announce that its subsidiary, Ignitis Renewables, in partnership with Ocean Winds, has been awarded the prestigious contract for the development of a 700 MW offshore wind project in Lithuania. This significant achievement was made possible through the evaluation process conducted by the State Energy Regulatory Council (VERT) which ensures compliance with national security interests. The winners of the competition were officially confirmed on October 12, 2023.

A new era for renewable energy in Lithuania

Within three months of being awarded the contract, Ignitis Renewables and Ocean Winds will establish a joint venture company in Lithuania. This company will be granted a permit for the expansion and operation of the offshore wind park, allowing them to harness the power of the Baltic Sea for electricity production for a remarkable 41 years.

Covering an immense area of approximately 120 km², the designated territory for the offshore wind park is situated at least 36 km away from the Lithuanian coast. Subject to obtaining all necessary permits, finalizing agreements with stakeholders, and ensuring sufficient financing, the offshore wind park is expected to commence operations by 2030. With a capacity of 700 MW, the park will produce up to 3 TWh of renewable electricity annually, thus fulfilling 25% of Lithuania’s current energy needs. The operation of the offshore wind park will be aligned with market principles, contributing to a competitive and sustainable energy market.

Ignitis Group and Ignitis Renewables are thrilled at the prospects that this offshore wind project holds for Lithuania’s renewable energy landscape. As a leading player in the energy sector, Ignitis Group is committed to driving clean energy initiatives and is dedicated to delivering high-quality results in line with its mission to create a sustainable future. The partnership with Ocean Winds signifies a strong collaboration between industry experts, ensuring excellence in the development and management of this groundbreaking offshore wind project.

OW 2023 m. potencialūs konkurso laimėtojai

Šiame pranešime paskelbta informacija neturi įtakos Grupės koreguoto pelno prieš palūkanas, mokesčius, nusidėvėjimą bei amortizaciją (EBITDA) prognozei.

Laimėjus konkursui, Grupė pasiekė savo strateginį tikslą – laimėti vienerių jūrinių vėjo jėgainių vystymo projektą Lietuvoje (komercinės veiklos pradžia – iki 2030 m.), o tai reikšmingai prisideda prie Grupės siekio padidinti atsinaujinančios energijos pajėgumus 4 kartus, nuo 1,2 GW 2022 m. iki 4-5 GW 2030 m. Daugiau informacijos pateikiame Grupės strategijoje (šioje nuorodoje).

Papildoma informacija:

Paulius Kalmantas

,,Ignitis Renewables” komunikacijos partneris

Telefonas: +370 617 51616

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