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Hipgnosis Songs Fund Faces Challenges


Hipgnosis Songs Fund is experiencing a challenging period as its shares hit fresh lows following a significant revelation. The group has announced that it will not be resuming dividend payments anytime soon after an independent report uncovered a concerning decrease in the value of its assets compared to previous estimations.

Strategic Shift in Financial Approach

The London-listed song catalog fund, boasting ownership of rights to popular tracks by artists such as Shakira and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, has decided to prioritize debt reduction over dividend distributions. In light of the new valuation provided by Shot Tower Capital, showing a substantial decrease in the fair market value of the company’s portfolio, Hipgnosis finds it necessary to realign its financial strategy.

Valuation Discrepancy Unveiled

As of March 1, the estimated fair value market of Hipgnosis’ assets ranges between $1.80 billion and $2.06 billion, reflecting a significant decline from the previous valuation of $2.62 billion as of September 30. The revelation signifies a notable 26% reduction in the overall valuation, prompting the company to take action in response to these findings.

Commitment to Shareholder Value

Chairman Robert Naylor emphasized the Board’s dedication to exploring all avenues to enhance shareholder value amidst the challenging circumstances. The operational net asset value per share has decreased to $1.17 from $1.74, indicating the impact of the valuation adjustment on the company’s financial standing.

In light of these developments, Hipgnosis Songs Fund navigates a complex financial landscape, prioritizing strategic restructuring to address the underlying asset value discrepancies and uphold shareholder interests.

Hipgnosis Songs Fund Faces Uncertainty

Hipgnosis Songs Fund’s board requested an independent valuation following a questionable opinion given by its investment adviser, Hipgnosis Song Management Limited. The initial reluctance to provide a valuation, along with caveats attached to the eventual figures, raised concerns among investors, who were advised to approach the numbers with caution.

Financial Setback and Share Price Decline

In a sudden turn of events, the group decided to withdraw its interim dividend proposal, citing a significant drop in retroactive royalty payments. This decision caused a sharp decline in share prices, reaching an all-time low of 55.40 pence and marking a 12% decrease. The stock has seen a 36% decrease in value over the past year.

Uncertain Future and Investor Sentiment

Facing criticism over corporate governance issues and financial strain, Hipgnosis announced a dividend hiatus until at least April 2024. This move, coupled with recent events, has led to a lack of appeal for shareholders, according to AJ Bell investment director Russ Mould.

Investing in music royalties, once seen as a stable and lucrative asset class, now appears less attractive given the company’s current state and the absence of dividend payments.

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