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Groupon Expects Strong Fourth-Quarter Results


Groupon, the renowned local-deals marketplace, is poised to exceed its projected fourth-quarter performance. The company anticipates either meeting or surpassing the high-end of its previous revenue guidance, thanks to a robust holiday season in North America.

Positive Fourth-Quarter Outlook

Groupon projects revenue in the range of $127.5 million to $137.5 million for the fourth quarter. Moreover, the company expects cash flow to be positive during this period. These estimations reflect Groupon’s anticipation of strong sales during the holiday season.

Strong Financial Standing

At the end of the year, Groupon had approximately $141 million in cash and cash equivalents. Additionally, the company possessed around $26 million in restricted cash. Notably, Groupon managed to pay off $3.9 million in borrowings under its revolving credit agreement in the fourth quarter. Furthermore, it received $18.9 million from the sale of portions of its investment in SumUp—a transaction that had been previously disclosed.

Looking Towards 2024

Groupon reiterates its preliminary outlook for the upcoming year. The company states that it either expects flat sales or a 5% decline in top-line revenue in 2024. Additionally, Groupon estimates adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) to fall between $80 million and $100 million for the year.

In conclusion, Groupon is primed to deliver impressive fourth-quarter results following a successful holiday season. With positive cash flow and a strong financial standing, the company looks forward to a promising start in 2024.

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