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It’s a ‘stockpicker’s paradise.’ These 3 funds could be winners.

The current market environment favors fundamental stock selection. Stock investors pile into China equity funds in ‘world’s most enticing contrarian’ long trade. Chinese stocks have suffered in recent years. Even the rich and famous fall victim to this common investing mistake. World leaders at Davos tend to look backwards when making risk forecasts. Bitcoin ETFs fueled hopes for other crypto ETFs — but don’t get too excited.

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Bitcoin’s Decline and the Potential for Record-Breaking Prices

Bitcoin, the popular cryptocurrency, has seen a significant drop of 20% due to the emergence of a new breed of ETFs. While this may be concerning for some investors, there are strong indications that Bitcoin prices could still reach new record highs this year.

The Winning Stock-Trading Pattern That Repeats Itself

Unloved Energy Stocks with High Potential

A Look into the Future of Stock Market Returns

Reconsidering Value for S&P 500 Stocks

Cryptocurrency Market Update

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