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Coca-Cola Transitions to Fully-Recycled Plastic Bottles in Canada


Coca-Cola has announced that it will be moving away from using virgin plastic for its half-liter bottles in Canada, opting instead for fully-recycled plastic. The beverage giant plans to have all its 500 milliliter bottles made with 100% recycled plastic by 2024, which is estimated to save 7.6 million pounds of new plastic. This transition is part of Coca-Cola’s commitment to their World Without Waste objective, which aims to use 50% recycled content in its packaging by 2030 and reduce the use of virgin plastic.

By making this shift, Coca-Cola hopes to increase the availability of high-quality, food-grade, recycled plastic in Canada, allowing them to offer more of their brands in this sustainable format. The company also plans to produce the new recycled bottles locally in Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, and British Columbia through their manufacturing facilities operated by Coke Canada Bottling. However, it’s important to note that while the bottles themselves will be made with fully recycled plastic, the caps and labels will not undergo the same transition.

This move towards fully-recycled plastic bottles is not the first for Coca-Cola. In 2021, the company introduced 13.2-ounce bottles of Coca-Cola Trademark brands made with 100% recycled plastics in California, Florida, and other states in the U.S. Northeast. Additionally, Coca-Cola is actively collaborating with other tech companies to develop bottle prototypes using plant-based sources.

Coca-Cola’s commitment to sustainability through the use of recycled plastic aligns with their broader vision of achieving a World Without Waste. It represents a significant step forward in their journey towards reducing their environmental footprint and promoting a more circular economy.

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