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Chinese Stocks Rise on Beijing’s Stimulus Measures


Chinese stocks have seen a second consecutive day of gains, thanks to the recent stimulus measures implemented by Beijing. While short-term improvements for major players like Alibaba are promising, concerns about China’s long-term economic outlook still linger.

Shares of Alibaba (ticker: BABA), a leading e-commerce company, listed in the U.S., have risen by 0.7% in premarket trading on Tuesday, following a 2.7% increase on Monday. (JD), a rival of Alibaba, also experienced a 1.2% surge in premarket trading after a 2.6% jump on Monday. Similarly, electric car manufacturer Nio (NIO) saw a 1.4% increase in premarket action, building on a 1.8% rise in the previous session.

The positive performance of well-known Chinese tech companies mirrors the overall upbeat trading in Asia. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index rose by 2%, the Shanghai Composite saw a significant surge of 1.2%, and Tokyo’s Nikkei 225 edged up by 0.2%.

The recent gains in the Chinese stock market can largely be attributed to the pro-market stimulus introduced by Beijing. Over the weekend, the Chinese government announced its decision to cut stamp duty on securities transactions in half, reducing it from 0.1% to 0.05%. This marks the first such reduction since 2008 and is accompanied by other measures aimed at boosting capital markets.

Fragility of China’s Economy Remains a Concern

The recent actions taken by the Beijing government to boost the stock market have temporarily lifted sentiment. However, questions still loom over the fragility of China’s economy. Despite the introduction of some stimulus measures and promises of more to come, investors remain skeptical that these efforts will be enough to reverse the current economic slowdown. Furthermore, there are concerns about the distressed property sector and its potential impact on the wider financial system.

Among the companies most affected by these economic conditions are Alibaba and, both of which heavily rely on the Chinese consumer. While these firms may see short-term gains from any substantive stimulus that may be implemented, it is uncertain whether these gains will translate into long-term success.

Despite these uncertainties, investors are still quick to celebrate any immediate boost in the market.

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