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Chewy and Petco Stocks Surge on Jefferies’ Recommendations


Shares of Chewy and Petco experienced significant increases as Jefferies, a leading investment bank, recommended investors to buy one pet goods stock and hold the other.

Chewy: A Tail-Wagging Opportunity

Jefferies initiated coverage of Chewy, the well-known online pet products retailer, with a Buy rating. They set a price target of $27 for the stock. In their analysis, Jefferies highlighted several factors contributing to Chewy’s growth potential. These include the untapped potential of pet health, sponsored ads, in-house brands, and expansion into new markets. According to analysts, these aspects are yet to contribute significantly to Chewy’s success. Additionally, Chewy’s customer base primarily consists of high-income individuals, providing insulation for the company even in an environment of high inflation.

As a result of this positive analysis, Chewy’s stock rose by 3.3% in premarket trading, reaching $22.40.

Petco: A Challenging Environment

On the other hand, Jefferies advised a Hold rating for Petco, the pet specialty retailer. They set a price target of $3.11 for the stock. Unlike Chewy, Petco faces challenges due to increasing competition from e-commerce and a slowdown in discretionary spending. Furthermore, a strategic shift to bring back mainstream brands instead of exclusively carrying premium products puts Petco in direct competition with food/mass retailers, according to Jefferies.

Petco’s stock rose by 1.4% in premarket trading, reaching $2.93.

Test Ahead for Both Companies

The upcoming holiday season will serve as an important test for both Chewy and Petco. Jefferies emphasized this point, pointing out that the performance during this holiday season will provide insight into the success of their respective strategies. While Chewy continues to expand its offerings and cater to high-income customers, Petco is focused on adding veterinary care and services to its stores. However, Jefferies suggests that Petco needs to prioritize store traffic, market share, and profitability before expanding further.

Recent Financial Reports

Both Chewy and Petco have faced challenges in their recent financial reports. Chewy provided disappointing guidance for its January quarter and reduced its full-year outlook. Similarly, Petco posted an unexpected loss and lowered its earnings forecast.

In conclusion, the recommendations provided by Jefferies have resulted in positive market reactions for both Chewy and Petco. While Chewy’s growth potential and customer base offer unique advantages, Petco faces challenges due to strategic shifts and increasing competition. The holiday season will serve as an important indicator for the future success of both companies.

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