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Amazon Prime Day 2022: Event Details and Membership Benefits


If you’re a savvy shopper, you might already be counting down the days to Amazon Prime Day 2022. This online retailer’s giant sale event is set to take place on July 11-12 and promises to offer some amazing deals on thousands of products, from tech and electronics to household staples and kitchen essentials, fashion, and more.

However, there is a catch: in order to access these savings, you’ll need an Amazon Prime membership. If you’re not a member yet, don’t worry – Amazon is currently offering a 30-day free trial for new members. During that time, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the deals and discounts on offer during Prime Day.

After the trial period is up, Amazon Prime costs $14.99 per month or $139 for the full year. But what do you get for your money? For starters, fast and free shipping on millions of items. In addition, you’ll have access to Prime Video, which features popular movies and TV shows. Other services include Amazon Music, Prime Gaming, Amazon Photos (which gives you unlimited cloud photo storage), and a free Kindle book each month.

But perhaps the most compelling reason to sign up for Amazon Prime is the exclusive deals, offers, and discounts available only to Prime members. For example, Whole Foods shoppers with Prime can get an extra 10% off storewide sales (excluding alcohol) and access to exclusive member deals. And while free pickup is available in some locations, it’s not available everywhere.

Trial Before You Buy

One great way to take advantage of all the benefits of Amazon Prime Day without committing to a full membership is by taking advantage of the 30-day free trial. According to smart shopping expert Trae Bodge, “This is a perfect time to do this, but make sure to mark your calendar and cancel within those 30 days if you don’t want to continue.”

How Much Will You Really Use Your Membership Beyond Prime Day?

Ultimately, whether or not Amazon Prime is worth the cost depends on how much you’re going to use the various benefits and services it offers. If you’re a frequent Amazon shopper who regularly takes advantage of the fast and free shipping, Prime Video, and other services, then it’s likely that a Prime membership will be well worth the investment. However, if you’re not sure if you’ll continue to use the membership beyond Prime Day, then it might be best to stick with the free trial for now and decide later.

Is Amazon Prime Worth It?

If you’re considering an Amazon Prime membership, the decision comes down to more than just how much you shop with Amazon. According to Julie Ramhold, a consumer analyst with, it’s essential to take advantage of every benefit and service available to determine whether a Prime membership is worth $139.

Before signing up for Amazon Prime, you should remember that free shipping is available to anyone who orders $25+ of qualifying products without a membership. If free shipping is your main reason for considering Prime, you’ll need to make around 24 small orders under $25 to break even, says Ramhold.

However, frequent use of Amazon’s streaming and music services can help you maximize your membership value. “I am not a fan of all retail memberships, but I personally enjoy Amazon Prime,” says Trae Bodge. “Not only do you have access to exclusive Prime Day deals, but there are a lot of benefits that one can use all year round.”

If you live in a metropolitan area, you might find Prime particularly useful. Same-day and one-day delivery options are more common in urban locations. Ramhold explains, “For my household, we decided Prime wasn’t worth it a few years ago. But those in metropolitan areas may find it extremely useful, especially if they can take advantage of things like one-day and same-day delivery, which still isn’t available everywhere.”

How to Make the Most of Amazon Prime Day

If you’re planning to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day, there are some key strategies you can use to save even more money. Shopping expert, Trae Bodge, recommends the following tips:

Install the Sidekick Browser Extension for Coupons

The Sidekick browser extension from is a great tool that will automatically run coupons for you at checkout. This can help you save even more on your purchases.

Compare Prices with Google Shopping or CamelCamelCamel

To ensure that you’re getting the best deal possible, be sure to compare prices with Google Shopping or CamelCamelCamel. This way, you can make sure that the Prime Day deal you’re considering is actually a good deal.

Consider Using Bread Cashback American Express

If you don’t have a good cashback credit card, check out the new Bread Cashback American Express from Bread Financial. This card allows you to earn a flat 2% back on all purchases, which can help you combat high prices on groceries and gas.

Set a Deal Alert on

Finally, if you have a specific item in mind that you’re hoping to purchase on Prime Day, set a deal alert for it on Because there will be a lot of competitive deals at other retailers during Prime Day, the item you want may be available elsewhere for a better price. With the deal alert set, you’ll be notified when the item goes on sale and where it’s being sold.

While Amazon has recently ended its free delivery from Whole Foods for Prime members, these strategies can help you make the most of Prime Day and save money on your purchases.

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